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Hello, o3 clothing would like to thank you for visiting our website.  We are a new clothing company from Peterborough Ontario, Canada. We are working hard to provide you with loads of different athletic and casual wear.


o3 clothing was started by one of the founders while at his family cottage in Northern Ontario.  He dreamed of starting his own company of designing athletic and casual wear.  The dream came to be when the idea was shared with 3 of his closest friends.  


Now those four boys are making their dream a reality by starting their own company in their hometown of Peterborough. Peterborough, otherwise known as the Electric City, is a small city near Toronto Ontario.  o3 clothing we are super appreciative of you shopping here on our online store.  We hope that you have an amazing day and find what you were looking for from our site.


POWER OF POWER - Whatever you think your POWER is, use it to make a difference in the world.


Thanks once again from o3 clothing.

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